Rudy Pessina Photographer

The photography of Rudy Pessina, elegant and simple, use the black and white to investigate the matter and forms, enhance the play of light that draws the reality, to grasp the intangible mystery of human presence in relation to things and environments.

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1 Luoghi (s)velati – (un)veiled places

1 Italian and photography

1 Workshop in Sicily

1 Italian and photography

2 La galerie Room 38 accueille une expo photo d’un nouvel artiste, Rudy Pessina, jusqu’au 23 mars, un hommage à la femme.



“The latent image impronte in the mind. All phases of the photographic process take me back to the more

Photo Vernissage 2011, Saint Petersburg

Photo Vernissage 2011, Saint Petersburg : «Melody and Passion of Mediterranean Italy, Spain» Italian, Spanish and Russian photography more

Rudy Pessina (Italy, Pisa)

Art and advertising photographer, President of Imago Cultural Association, teacher of photography